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Three Girls Fuck You After The Holiday Party

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DATE : Dec 25, 2018
SITE : American Daydreams
DURATION : 80 min

Shit, what an office Christmas party it was! Or might I say the after party was where its at! We had too much fun said nobody ever! I work with some of the hottest chicks, Ashley Lane, Gracie May Green and Stephanie West, I had no idea they were so loose! It all started in the conference room after everyone left it was just the four of us, Ashley and Gracie flashed their tits and ass and started making out. Stephanie blew me in the kitchen and Ashley and Gracie blew me in the stock room! We had to finish what we started, Stephanie invited all of us back to her apartment and we all fucked until the break of dawn! Merry FUCKING Christmas to me!

I wish it was Christmas everyday! I'm one helluva lucky dude this holiday season. I got to fuck Ashley Lane, Gracie May Green and Stephanie West! It all started after everyone left the annual office party, the fours of us stayed back to clean up and whatnot. All of a sudden tits and ass are pressed against the glass, chicks are making out and my dick is being teased and sucked. Long story short, we end up at Stephanie's apartment and fuck all night, all 4 of us! Lots of chicks eating each others pussy's the whole nine! Needless to say, I loved my job before and now I love it even more. Naughty America VR is where you can experience this!

WHO : Bad Girl, Co-worker
WHERE : Bed, Bedroom, Break Room, Closet, Office