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Karma Rx, Sarah Jessie, and Riley Steele Ensure Their Mechanic Works HARD

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DATE : Oct 25, 2019
SITE : American Daydreams
DURATION : 65 min

Karma Rx, Sarah Jessie, and Riley Steele each have their car in the shop for repairs but its taking way too long. They storm into the mechanic shop and catch a lone worker wrenching on a truck. To get him to start working on their cars, they give him a little motivation with their wet pussies and mouths!

Working on cars takes time, especially when you've got a bunch to juggle and fix. Three sexy, hot as fuck babes, have their cars in the shop with you and want you to skip ahead and work on their cars before anyone else's. To persuade you, these babes whip out your cock and fuck the shit out of you until you cum all over their big ass tits!

WHO : Stranger
WHERE : Car, Floor, Garage, Truck