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Kagney Linn Karter Fucks you DIRTY in the garage

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DATE : May 22, 2020
SITE : I Have a Wife
DURATION : 53 min

You are working as a mechanic and in comes hot blonde Kagney Linn Karter and amazes you with her knowledge of cars, but apparently she is looking for a mechanic to fix her rear end!!

When a curvy, porcelain-skinned blonde in nothing but lingerie is looming over you in a hotel room explaining that 1) she’s a porn star, and 2) she’s going to give you a sexual experience that won’t quit, you had better just sit back and let her do all the talking. It’s Kagney Linn Karter for your Porn Star Experience today, and she’s got all the tits and ass you’ll need for a lifetime, and she’s going to squeeze it all into one sitting with you, acute and explosive. Which means she’s going to squeeze EVERYTHING she can out of you, and believe us when we say that she will! Because Kagney knows just what she’s doing when she teases you, when she sucks you, when she fucks you. Everything is calculated and controlled with this bubbly blonde beauty, and she has you right where she wants you. But don’t worry, it’s all for the benefit for the both of you. Don’t worry, you’ll be thanking us after jizzing all over her ass!

WHO : Bad Girl, Client
WHERE : Car, Chair, Floor, Garage