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Jade Nile & Zoey Monroe

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DATE : Jul 13, 2018
SITE : After School
DURATION : 50 min

Its After School, and what are YOU doing? If you arent tripping over your dick by seeing two lithe-bodied beauties bathed in oil…well, too bad for you. But for those in the right place, Zoey Monroe and Jade Nile are all YOURS today, and in Virtual Reality. Experience these two slipping and sliding over each others skin – nipple on nipple, ass to ass – its a fleshy dance before you while your cock is rock hard just waiting to be handled by anyone other than yourself. And patience is a virtue, because Zoey and Jade will indeed indulge on your dick, taking turns blowing you, riding you, FUCKING you. Witness their glittery clittery in all its beauty as this threesome descends upon you, realizing the every fantasy you hoped for in such an encounter between these two. Besides, you get to make two girls cum in one sitting…whens the last time you did that after class – or ever?

Oiled-up natural tits slipping between your hands as you squeeze them. A pair of pink, pulsating pussies, drenched and ready to be eaten, fingered and fucked. Two hot, wet mouths salivating; one for your cock and the other for your balls. A twosome, anticipating a threesome. It’s all After School and it’s all you here at Naughty America VR. You along with pornstars Zoey Monroe and Jade Nile, that is. It’s a dirty trio made for you to clean up on, and, oh, how you will. Double the blowjobs, double the ass, double the doggystyle, double the fun. And with a pair like Zoey and Jade, you just might be able to land yourself two orgasms, because these two are here to fuck, and here to fuck hard. And they aren’t leaving until each of them get their cookies, too. Only at Naughty America VR!

WHO : Porn Star
WHERE : Chair, Couch, Den, Floor, Living room, Outdoors, Pool