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Gabbie Carter has the goodies and all for you

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DATE : Nov 4, 2019
SITE : PSE Porn Star Experience
DURATION : 42 min

Gabbie Carter is all yours for one night. What do you do!???
Why not start with a little show of what she is wearing, then have her show you all her assets and all the ways she can make you want more and more.

The time has come for you to enjoy Gabbie Carter all to yourself. You can't believe this is happening. Gabbie Carter is all alone with you. Although you're enjoying the view, you can barely wait to see her bust out her giant tits. Your cock is getting harder by the second knowing Gabbie Carter is going to suck on it and put it between her tits. She surpasses all your expectations and then some. Oh, her pussy feels so good wrapped around your cock you can barely hold back shooting your load.

WHO : Bad Girl, Porn Star
WHERE : Bed, Bedroom, Couch, Hotel